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In the community at (attached "A")

It says

  1. Select Preferences. 

From there select Disconnect from Facebook under Social Network.


Those options do not show up for me.  I get the options shown in "B" attached. There is no facebook mention there. 





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Hello @RCrash, seems that you`re used facebook for creation of your account. If so you`re unable to disconnect from facebook, as that is the only account you have. If you want to use spotify without facebook, please follow those steps -

 Go to spotify customer suuport - Account - Facebook Created Account and click on "I want to use spotify without facebook". There the staff from spotify support will help you. If you recieve an email from no-reply, reply it anyway and someone from Spotify will contact you back, ususally between 24-48 hours. 
Hope that I was helpful for you, you are always welcomed in the community, if you have questions! : ) 

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Got it, thanks.  I read that also in the community, but it seemed to conflict with the other information.  I will follow the prescribed steps.  Let me just say that the integration with FB is really annoying and I think the volume of comments on google and here would support that.  I wonder how many people simply delete both their Spotify and their FB accounts at the same time, then sign up with another streaming service.  I bet its quite a few.  Spotify is great - you have hitched your wagon to the wrong train here, in my view. You can have social on Spotify without FB.   

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