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DENON AVR / Spotify Connect / volume control

DENON AVR / Spotify Connect / volume control

There have been lots of similar posts in the past but none of them resulted in fixing the problem. So I decided to start yet another thread.


I use:


- iOS 12.1.2

- Spotify app

- DENON Receiver AVR-X3500H (but other DENON receivers are affected too)

- Spotify Connect: inside the Spotify app the receiver is selected directly in the "Connect to a device" dialog (i.e. AirPlay is not used)

The following problems occur:

1. The receiver only changes its volume with every second press or so of an iPhone hardware volume button.
2. The jumps of the receiver's volume changes are much too big. This would still be the case even if the receiver reacted to each press of a hardware button.
3. The second problem also occurs when using the volume silder inside the Spotify app.


I already discussed this problem with DENON's customer support but they redirected me to Spotify.


So instead of sending DENON + Spotify customers around it would be very helpful and much appreciated if DENON and Spotify could work together in order to fix this problem.

Thank you very much!

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I'm having similar issues with a Denon AVR but with the android app instead.


- Android 9.0 Pie

- Spotify App

- DENON Receiver AVR-X2500H



The adjustments are just way too high at the moment and without a limit it is possible to damage your equipment if you're not very careful. I accidentally held the volume up button for a about a second and the AVR shot up to full volume causing distorsion in my speaker. Not good at all.

I've go the same issue with older Denon receivers with Spotify embedded.  The issue is worsened with efficient speakers.  The step between mute and the first sound leaves the volume a little low to hear, the next step up is so loud that it is not easy to have a conversation.   I saw in a separate post that the max level could be lowered which is fine but for some movies this leaves the overall level too low.  
I've also experimented with OpenHab control of the Denons.  The volume control in their binding allows the max level to be set.  If implemented, the user could set the Spotify max to the loudest level they want for music (adjusting for speaker efficiency) and if the graduation stays the same each step would better matched to my desired steps (and presumably others)

I am experiencing the same problem with my Denon 2500.

I recently bought the new Marantz MCR612 (Melody X) which is equipped with Spotify Connect. This device also has the Heos functionality so I can use the Heos app to start my tuner, internetradio, cd and spotify.

When using the Heos app with the tuner, internetradio or cd I can control the volume by using the hardware buttons on my iphone. Volume step interval is +2/-2 each time I am pressing the volume button (the value can be seen on the MCR612 display). When using Spotify Connect the volume step interval becomes +6/-6 each time I am pressing the volume buttons which is way too much.

I contacted Marantz helpdesk and they say Spotify is taking over the volume control.

I paid a lot of money for the device and I took the Spotify Premium version especially for my new Marantz.

Is there something that can be done?

Great question. I experience the same with my Heos. I hope someone has a solution. Thanks

Smash the Me Too and the Like on the original post and lets see if we can escalate this!
I read on one of the many posts that it has to have 100 likes a year or the post is closed. I thought I read they are addressed depending on how many respond. Seemingly if they add all these up it would be addressed?
Anyone from Spotify confirm this??

Same issue. To play music softly, the spotify volume slider needs to be at extreme left, making it very difficult to tune it slightly up and down. 

same problem with mac and Denon CEOL NS10, really. dangerous volume change overreaction, almost broke my ears (have good speaker!). With my Android phone not quite as bad but still pretty jumpy. Worst part is the volume fader is boken (in both) in that it allows volumes that are twice as high as with any other inpiut (TV or radio or CD), so there's a risk for breaking gear here!

Same volume problem, but on different AVR and Iphone XR, different use case.



  • AVR: Marantz AV Surround Receiver NR1609
  • Iphone XR, with Spotify Connect app, Premium User
  • Smartwatch: Garmin D2 Delta PX

Spotify is playing from the Iphone XR on the AVR, low volume. I'm starting to use Garmin's "Find My Phone" feature and all **bleep** breaks loose - volume shoots up to unbearable levels, which triggered a bad panic attack. Not to mention almost breaking the speakers and freaking out other family members and pets!


Please, please, please look into this. I love the app, but this needs to be addressed.

Same issue, but I am suspicious this is more of a Denon issue than Spotify as I have Bluetooth'd to other speakers and I don't have this issue. It's REALLY unfortunate. First issue I discovered with this new Denon AVR-S750H receiver is the Alexa skill that is supposed to make it compatible is currently busted so, that feature isn't real. And then this volume issue, which makes it essentially impossible to control the volume remotely because it's either too loud or too quite and you can't find a sweet spot, which means you are constantly walking to the receiver to fine tune. FRUSTRATING.

Hey folks,


Thanks for the posts.


It's not possible to adjust how different receivers and speakers interpret signals from Spotify Connect, so there is no way to customize the volume increase/ decrease increments that the receiver gets when you adjust the volume from your phone/ computer. 


A workaround to this would be to use the Denon app to adjust the volume once you've started playback from Spotify, if possible.


Hope this info helps. DOn't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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This gets requested like every year and is simpli ignored bei spotify

I have the same problem with the Samsung 990B soundbar. Technically, the volume of the bar goes from 0 to 100, but the acceptable range is actually from 0 to 40 (above 40 it's almost unbearable).


In comparison, the Bluetooth controls work well: when the phone shows a volume of 50%, the bar volume is at 15, 75% is 30, and 100% is 100 (so it's not linear).


But with Spotify connect, it looks like it's linear, so I'm stuck with using 1/3rd of the volume bar, and even less when I want fine control. One way to solve it could be to have a + and - button which would increment/decrement the volume by 1% instead of clicking on the slider.


Also, about the non linear mapping from the volume slider to the actual device volume, could somebody from Spotify tell us if this is something that manufacturers like Samsung should implement on their side, or is it on Spotify's side ?

It's still a problem, but they didn't solve the problem and I think they won't solve this problem. It will ignored since years!

The problem is, it is a part of fundamental function of music lisening. When the next big music stream service is ready, I will switch to them. I don't need this kind of user-unfriendly development and business strategy!
I've switched to the bluetooth connection long time ago, because in most use cases this volume function of Spotify Connect doesn't work for me and Spotify ignored this problem!

I also have the same issue with:

 - DeviceDenon AVR-X4500-H and iPhone SE

 - iPhone Operating System: iOS 17.4.1


In fact in my case I experienced a much more SERIOUS issue last week: Spotify suddenly shot the amplifier volume to MAX without me touching anything. This generated a huge blast scaring everyone in the house. The result: the amplifier was damaged (doesn't work anymore) and is now in Hi-Fi repair shop. I don't know if the speakers (10 in total) were also affected.


This is a major BUG in Spotify software that should be URGENTLY addressed by Spotify DEV Team. Code must be fixed !! It's completely crazy that Spotify changes the Volume to MAX by itself and damages expensive Hi-Fi equipment !!


For more details, check my entry:


Spotify, be the game changer and LEADER you pretend by FIXING THIS BUG !!

Hi Alex, check my entry for a MUCH MORE SERIOUS ISSUE somewhat related to this thread:


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