Daily Mix with Completely Unfamiliar Music/Artists


Daily Mix with Completely Unfamiliar Music/Artists


Recently two out of my six Daily Mixes have been used up by music/artists/genres I have never listened to before, mostly ambient music. 

Both Daily Mix 2 (screenshot) & Daily Mix 3 are the affected ones on my account. Any idea why this is? And is there any way to get this fixed and get these mixes removed? Cheers.

Spotify Screen.png
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Hey @driesstyle, help's here.


That sounds odd. Have you never listened to similar music as those you see, and do you see any other changes to your music, Discover Weekly, Recently played, or added playlists?


You might've forgotten to log out somewhere, so we suggest that you do the following:

It might take a while before your Daily Mixes reflect what you usually listen to, so we suggest giving it some time.  


Hope that helps! 🙂