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Daily Mixes not refreshing at all + A word about shuffling

Daily Mixes not refreshing at all + A word about shuffling



Premium (Duo)





Operating System

Windows 10/Android 10


My Question or Issue

As I mentioned - all of my 6 daily mixes are frozen with the same songs for several weeks or even months now, and it's **bleep** ridiculous, due to the fact that I regularly listen to new bands through Discover/Releases playlists and Radios of already known bands/songs. I have around 300 or so followed artists, so there's no way Customer Support can tell me "you have to listen more music in order for playlist to refresh", because Im no fresh user. Clearing cache/data from app doesn't do anything aswell.


Can someone actually do something about it? Few days ago my playlists actually changed to something new, but guess what - a day after it reversed to previous ones once I entered one of the new playlists. Just like that. Am I asking for too much as for the regularly paid service?


Not to mention lack of "shuffle liked artists/albums" function that I've been asking for years now. Full shuffle is a feature decades old, and I am being forced to make a custom playlist with all of my artists's albums (hundreds...), just to be able to shuffle them?

Six years old topic asked hundreds of times on reddit/forums over the years, and yet You cannot implement such basic feature as the ability to randomly generate shuffled playlist of all liked artists' songs. "We thrive on ideas". Oh really?


It's become a rant now, but I hope You can understand the frustration 🙂 

1 Reply

Hey @SmexyPolishHero,


Thanks for reaching out to us. Don't worry. Help is here 🙂


We'd suggest you give these steps a go and run a clean reinstall. This one is more thorough than the usual reinstall.


If you're using and SD card, you can remove it, install Spotify and then try running the app without the SD.


If the issue persists, you can try on another device. That way we can check if it's a device-related issue.


We appreciate your feedback and will make sure to pass it on to the right team. You can also have a look in our Idea Exchange to see if someone else has already made a similar suggestion. If there isn't, you can give these steps a go and submit your idea. That way other users can support it. Rest assured that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for it to be implemented.   


Here you can find more information about how your feedback reaches Spotify.


Keep us in the loop! If you have questions, we are here for you.






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