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[Daily mixes] se mantienen iguales todos los días

[Daily mixes] se mantienen iguales todos los días




 Costa Rica


Huawei y5 2017

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Android 6


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Sin importar a cuántas nuevas canciones agregue a mis favoritas o a cuántos nuevos artistas siga, los "daily mixes" continúan iguales a cuando instalé la aplicación (4 semanas antes). ¿Hay algo que pueda hacer para corregir este problema?, ¿Tiene algo que ver con las preferencias de publicidad de Spotify?.

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Hey @Depiedra.


I hope you don't mind us replying in English.


Just to confirm, are you listening to music only from your Daily Mixes? Right now, they're shuffled after about a day of listening to them.


If you've been listening to other playlists or songs, I suggest checking for other Spotify accounts you might have, as you could be using two different accounts on different devices. To do this, try the suggestions on this support page.


For all the info about Daily Mixes, head to this page.


All the best.

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