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Default Sound Device solution in Windows 10 now bugs out Spotify

Default Sound Device solution in Windows 10 now bugs out Spotify

So I used this suggestion:

To split off Spotify's audio to a different device. This worked really well, for a time.


However, whenever booting Spotify now, it will refuse to play any songs, local or online. I've done a clean re-install, the works, yet the only fix that worked was undoing the suggestion and assigning Spotify to the default device.


Somewhere down the line a Spotify update launched and broke this feature that I greatly use for streaming purpose, whether it's to listen to music while streaming on Twitch without blaring copyrighted music at my audience, or to provide them with gaming soundtracks while keeping myself free from the distraction by muting said audio device in Voicemeeter Potato.


Additionally, when changing the device to default, you have to restart Spotify. Yet, when changing it back to the audio device of my choice while Spotify is live, it will work until I close Spotify and reopen it! Upon which it'll refuse to play any songs again.


Please fix this, I'm quite reliant on this feature and had to resort to third-party solutions until the 1803 update for Windows 10 came around that offered up this option.

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