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Den som gapar efter mycket, mister ofta hela stycket.

Den som gapar efter mycket, mister ofta hela stycket.

Greetings from France!

I am Swedish(maybe obvious by the topic title) living in France the last 6 years.

First of all i thought the biggest 3 top disasters in technology in current century are:

1. The new Spotify web player.

2. Windows Vista

3. Galaxy Note 7


I read a lot in here i have never posted again anything. About the new web player as i understand:

A. Functionless

B. Ugly

C. Artists doesn't get the streams they deserve(so no money)

D. Ver.2 of the above, distributors will not get the proper streams and money too.

E. misleading promises and services that doesn't exist

F. Forced the new player without even asking

G. Poor quality


It is clear that Spotify has suicidal tendencies. As Swedish i am sad for it and ashamed at the same time. I feel really ashamed as a Swedish from Spotify and what the rest of the world thinks about it right now.


Swedish people are not fraudsters. Spotify is! It goes for more and it will gain nothing at the end. It was such a good service... i use the desktop app and i don't know with all the updates if they have done the same to it too. I really don't wanna use Spotify again even when i had it free i didn't blocked ads with anyway, i was thinking the good for the artists and the company, now the company clearly thinking the best of their pockets and how fulfill them.

I never asked or searched about who is/are in charge at the company, but now i wanna know for the shame they created to who say straight to commit Japanese Hara-Kiri.

Dear owners/stockholders or whatever... compose yourselves mentally or i see Spotify in a few months at how the Spartans called it...Spartan Keadas.

I am not using Spotify again until everything comes back to normal and i suggest the same for all the proud Swedish or not out there.

Goodbye, au revoir, adjö...
Jag hoppas att en dag möts igen.

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