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Denon 2113 AVR Playlists will not load


Denon 2113 AVR Playlists will not load

For the last week or so my playlists will not load. When I enter the playlists sometimes after 3-4 minutes they will finally be loaded. Most of the time I need to switch off the AVR from power to get it active again (otherwise it gets stuck in search or playlists and will not react to any remote commands). Any help will be much appreciated but it seems it is not Denon playing tricks on me by Spotify has some issues (see some other subscribers complaining their playlists will not download either). 


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My playlists now download as they should - just a few seconds needed. Everything works perfect now. There was definitely something very wrong on Spotify side and not as suggested originally - on Denon's. Anyway, let's keep fingers crossed it is going to work seamlessly from now on. Thank you for your interventions with Spotify as my isolated voice would not be treated seriously I am afraid.  

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here the same to with X4000. All is freezing when I choose Playlist.

I tested today again, it is really only the "playlist" that let the denon freeze for 3-4 minutes...

I called Denon, they say that I have to resett the denon or  pull of the power cable from Denon and from Fritzbox but I have the feeling that it is a spotify problem

I have a Denon Ceol and the exact same thing is happening to me. My 'Starred' list loads no problem, but 'Playlists' will not load. Very frustrating!

I'm happy now that is no malfunction on my devices....

Same here with Ceol N8

I hope spotify is waking up now?

Got the same problem on Denon RCD-N8 since december 2016.

The stared and all other playlist freeze my Denon for some minutes and after that I get the message "empty list".


I have the same problem with my Denon 2113. I think it is sth with Spotify and not Denon:

- I have reinstalled firmware on my Denon - it did not help.

- It works ok when I log in as another Spotify user with few playlists.

- It stacks when I use my account - I have quite many playlists.



denon asked me today to try this playlist thing with a denon testaccount. I tried it. It was the same ....

It seems the issue is not Denon hardware or software. It is Spotify on Denons with a built-in Spotify application. Is there any way of reporting this directly to Spotify? The premium account includes the option to access Spotify on Denons, does it not? Apple Music and Air Play works no problem. Come on Spotify - fix the issue. Be the man 🙂

sorry I meant:


denon spotify asked me today to try this playlist thing with a denon spotify testaccount. I tried it. It was the same ....

at the moment it freezed  with "starred" to here...

I'm going to try contacting Spotify on Twitter. Perhaps if everyone else could  do the same; they might take notice. @SpotifyCares and we'll see how much they do actually care.

It's getting better every day. Is Spotify going to do anything to rectify or should we vote with our feet and move somewhere else? I'll try and contact them directly. Shame on you Spotify 😞

The same problem but with "search" we had 1 or 2 years ago. Someone remember?

Spotify said to me today,: "when the testaccount is not working than the problem is with denon. Please ask denon"

another answer from today:

vielen Dank für dein Feedback.

Wir suchen immer nach neuen Möglichkeiten, Spotify zu verbessern.

Wir befassen uns zurzeit näher mit diesem Thema und melden uns bei dir, sobald wir nähere Informationen haben.

Bitte wende dich an uns, wenn wir dir in der Zwischenzeit bei weiteren Fragen helfen können.

Liebe Grüße

I have been in touch with Spotify today. They also promissed to investigate the issue closer. They also recommended to delete my offline devices in the account on the website. It did not help....hope they treat our complaints seriously

Spotify sent me a test account log in to try. This made no difference as I expected.They clearly haven't raised it as an issue if they are continuing to tell everyone to do the same thing? Please tweet both @SpotifyCares and @DenonUK. Give them a link to this thread too.

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