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Denon 2113 AVR Playlists will not load


Denon 2113 AVR Playlists will not load

For the last week or so my playlists will not load. When I enter the playlists sometimes after 3-4 minutes they will finally be loaded. Most of the time I need to switch off the AVR from power to get it active again (otherwise it gets stuck in search or playlists and will not react to any remote commands). Any help will be much appreciated but it seems it is not Denon playing tricks on me by Spotify has some issues (see some other subscribers complaining their playlists will not download either). 

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Got formal feedback from Spotify that their developers were investigating the issue and that they would return to me ASAP. Let's wait and see...

How did you contact them? I have been contacting @SpotifyCares on Twitter and they seem utterly clueless.

When you dig deep enough under their Help section on the website you will finally get to "tell us what your problem is" and then you will be responded by Spotify Help Centre (each response comes from a different staff which does not help as first you are asked general questions and some basic ready made solutions are prompted)

Same problem with my denon avr 3313 since 2 weeks. Wait 3-4 min before receive my playlists, or playlists empty...

I got the following response from Denon today:


Wehave had a small number of reports of this occurring and we are currently awaiting a response from our quality assurance team.
The moment I have any further kind of update on this matter I will let you know.  Until then I will keep the ticket open with the status "Research/Testing"


As I startet the thread "x4000" no one here talked about this problem but it was yet 1 or 2 weeks exist...



I face the same problem with a Denon Ceol N5. Have also been in touch with the Spotify Support and they did switch my account from a "facebook-created" one to a "Spotify-created" one. However, to no avail, issue still persist!

Spotify support mentioned something about issues with accounts having +200 playlists, however, this has never been a problem before. The issue started only ~2 weeks ago.


Hope they will fix this soon!



200 playlists or 200 songs in the playlists? Anyway, I have deleted half of my old playlists but it did not help either. It should be easy to identify by Spotify as our Denon problems seem to date back to 3-4 weeks ago. If they changed anything in their server around this time then the glitch must be there. No news from Spotify yet

@dan741: Spotify Support referred to +200 playlists, not songs in a playlist. 


I have 32 and it is not working....

For my Denon Ceol N8 the issue ia solved finally 🙂

Mine is resloved too! Happy Days. Still, it's important to get on to these helpdesks and pressure them in to doing something when an issue like this arises.

They were slow enough to even admit there was an issue.

Well done to everyone who bothered to contact them.

Well, the playlists load a bit faster but it is still far from perfect and as it should be... 1 minute waiting time instead of 3-4 or never.

it needs 50-60 seconds here (x4000) Thats to long. Normaly it was a 5 second waiting.


It seems they at least have done something to rectify but we need to wait for the final solution - it used to be just a few seconds for the playlists to load....


My Ceol (previous model) is having the same issue. I need to wait around five minutes for the playlist to load, while everything else such as starred or search works just fine. Did you guys actually change something in the settings or reset your account to make it at least faster? Or did it just become faster again by itself? Thanks for your help.

I didn't change any settings except for deleting my offline devices on my Spotify account website and some of the old playlists but to no major or noticable improvement. This morning however the playlists seem to download almost as fast as they used to.... Not perfect yet but far more acceptable than the last 2-3 weeks.

Marked as solution

My playlists now download as they should - just a few seconds needed. Everything works perfect now. There was definitely something very wrong on Spotify side and not as suggested originally - on Denon's. Anyway, let's keep fingers crossed it is going to work seamlessly from now on. Thank you for your interventions with Spotify as my isolated voice would not be treated seriously I am afraid.  

What about your Starred songs?
I've noticed that as long as my Ceol N8 is on, it 'remebers' tracks that I mark as starred.
But when I turn it off and on again I get '(Empty)'.
It also doens't synchronize with Starred tracks in Spotify web client.

Starred are just fine, it's only playlists which take for ever to load. Unfortunately even after I reset my Spotify account on Ceol the problem persists 😞 takes about 3-4 min to load the playlists.

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