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Denon 2113 AVR Playlists will not load


Denon 2113 AVR Playlists will not load

For the last week or so my playlists will not load. When I enter the playlists sometimes after 3-4 minutes they will finally be loaded. Most of the time I need to switch off the AVR from power to get it active again (otherwise it gets stuck in search or playlists and will not react to any remote commands). Any help will be much appreciated but it seems it is not Denon playing tricks on me by Spotify has some issues (see some other subscribers complaining their playlists will not download either). 

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Now the same again, I can load the playlist after a long time but I can not do a "search" There is no Result?

(Denon X4000)

Can someone confirm?

Spotify has stopped implementation of the build in versions of Spotify.

thus you need to ensure you got latest firmware on your denon.

then don't bother looking for Spotify on the AVR otself as it will have been removed. 

As after the update on your AVR it will only support Spotify Connect.

bad news


I have just updated firmware to the latest verions 1490-3169-0000-3311-1097 (dated 28.02.2018). Changlog says: Spotify Connect added. 

After the update the only change I noticed was that Spotify disappeared from Network menu but Spotify Connect does not work.

 I did firmware update twice via USB, followed carefully update instruction manual. Unfortunately I did not manage to find any optionin Denon AV allowing activation of Spotify Connect. In newer Denon AVs there is a menu Online Music - does not exist in AVR2113. How should I activate Spotify Connect? 

Spotify Connect will only work initiated from yout smartphone or laptop Spotify application. Please bear in mind your devices (Denon and smartphone/ laptop) need to be logged into the same wifi network. What I do after the ealry March update, I initiate my Spotify app in my smartphone/ laptop first, play a selected song and then select Denon from available devices which switches on the power on Denon and plays Spotify only on Denon while I select the playlists/ songs (and even Denon volume) on my smartphone/ laptop application.

Hope that helps.



The problem is that I do not see my Denon on devices list in my Android Spotify app. Denon is correctly connected to the network - I can play internet radio. I can olso connect to m my AVR using my phone with Denon Remote App.

I have Spotify Connect on my Raspberry Pi connected to the same router - it works perfectly with my phone or computer, Denon does not work. 

For me Spotify Connect did not work the first night after the update. If my memory serves me right I rebooted my router and then it was either my Spotify on Mac or on Android that saw Denon among the devices available. Maybe try to log out of all devices on the Spotify web and then log on on your smartphone and see whether it helps. Maybe try it with Denon switched on to network and switched off. It should work finally. Try to clean your Spotify app cache on your smartphone so that it has to check for available Spotify Connect devices again.

Unfortunately nothing worked.

I have my Denon connected via Ethernet cable to Wifi router. Maybe this is the problem. Is such setup supported by Spotify Connect?


Same connection here and it works for me. Are you sure that you do not see Denon AVR 2113 among available devices in the right bottom corner of your Spotify application when launched on your laptop? When I launch this app on my Mac or WIN 10 right next to the volume there is a small icon with a little blue dot and when I click on it opens a drop down list of available devices: my laptop, Denon (even when Denon is switched off), etc. Apologies if this is irritating but I am trying all possible hints to help you. Maybe you have decatived IP control on your Denon? It should be activated (i.e. "on") as otherwise your Spotify app will not see Denon in the same wifi network. This is the last idea that now comes to my mind.

If you have not been there (see link below), you can give it a try but this is more or less what I have been recommending. The only one thing more is switching off "find devices in the same wifi network only" but I don't expect it to fix your issue. Give it a try anyway.


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