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Denon 2113 AVR Playlists will not load


Denon 2113 AVR Playlists will not load

For the last week or so my playlists will not load. When I enter the playlists sometimes after 3-4 minutes they will finally be loaded. Most of the time I need to switch off the AVR from power to get it active again (otherwise it gets stuck in search or playlists and will not react to any remote commands). Any help will be much appreciated but it seems it is not Denon playing tricks on me by Spotify has some issues (see some other subscribers complaining their playlists will not download either). 

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I suggest that you also try to log an support ticket with them directly, the more people complain about this issue the faster it will be resolved.Potentially every owner of a modern Denon, Marrantz or LG system is now without a playlist - which for me makes it an almost pointless app that I am paying for every month.

Here on x4000 playlist is working but it still needs 1 minute to load....

I noticed last week that my X4000 started hanging when I chose "playlists" and then when it finally takes me there, it says "empty".  Very frustrating.  I sent a message to Spotify support but have yet to hear back.  Hope they fix this soon or I will have to cancel my account... and I will miss Spotify.

Still broken with no email response from Spotify support. Time to change camps to another provider. What a complete waste of time - very frustrating!

I have give up. Thats no support. My playlist still needs 1 minute to load....

I gave up as well with Spotify client on AVR.

I manged however to find another low cost solution: Raspberry PI with Spotify Connect client connected through HDMI to my AVR. With 320K bitrate sound quality is the same as with AVR client. RPI costs around 50USD.

I tested also Chromecast connected through HDMI to my AVR. Sound quality with Chromecast is signifficantly worse than with RPI client.

First message back from Spotify support (below) was worthless.  They're gonna lose subscribers if they don't fix this. While I appreciate the work arounds mentioned above, part of the reason I bought the receiver I own is to utilize the built in Spotify. When it works, the sound quality is amazing.  Curious to hear if anything changes, but in the meantime I will cancel my subscription before the end of this billing cycle.


"Thanks for getting in touch with us. Sorry to hear that your playlists aren't loading on your Denon receiver. We can explain.

We have alerted our developers to this issue and they are investigating the matter. 

We appreciate your feedback as it helps inform our decisions going forward, although please be aware we’re not able to confirm if or when your specific request will be addressed. 

We recommend installing the most recent version of the Spotify app to guarantee you’re rocking all the latest updates. Also, feel free to check out our Community where we keep everyone informed about new releases and any other announcements. You can also submit feedback and suggest new features there.

In the meantime, please feel free to access our web player from the comfort of your own web browser to stay connected to those awesome Spotify tunes. 

Meanwhile, if you need any further help or have any more questions, don’t hesitate to get back in touch. We’re always here for you.

Have a nice day!"

My playlists will sometimes load immediately sometimes they will take a while. Another negative novelty, though, is that:

- selected song will not play at all or will play for 5 seconds and then stop (usually switching to internet radio for a while and then back to Spotify helps)

- new songs selected on my mobile app will not show on the playlists for 2-3 following days....

I share your frustration, will keep monitoring the issue, however, if Spotify does not fix the issue once and for good I will have to reconsider switching over to Apple Music. The only nuisance will be the need to select the playlist from my smartphone or my macbook. Denon will communicate with both via air play.

Yes have had same issue since Monday on a Marantz M-CR610. Lodged as an issue via SpotifyCares but they don't; no response. As Premium subscribers we deserve better.

My X4000 in Canada doing it too 😞 Internet radio works great, and is free, fix it Spotify!!

**bleep**, SPOTIFY support just closed my support ticket with no resolution. Awesome.

I've had the same type of SpotifyConnect-issues in the past and these issues were solved. However since yesterday the issue you describe appears: after chosing 'Playlists' or 'Starred' the message 'Empty' appears. Is there a solution to solve this issue? (Reset and logoff/logon did not solve the issue)

Response to me from Spotify Cares (???) is matter has been passed to
technical team with no details as to resolution or timeframe. Meaningless.

Spotify has stopped support for integrated Spotify in the likes of AVR receivers except for the newer ones with Spotify Connect.


I'm not holding my breath, but Spotify Support asked me for a picture of what I see after choosing playlist and seeing empty.  I sent them a pic, and then received the below this morning. Of course I've made it clear that the issue is with Spotify in my Denon reciever and not a smart tv...


Thanks for getting back to us with those screenshots.  We really appreciate it 🙂

Our technical team is aware of the missing playlist on smart TV devices and currently working on a fix. This is a priority for us, so hopefully it shouldn’t be long before things are back up and running.

We’ll let you know once this is all sorted out. Thanks for your patience.

Let us know if we can help with anything else.

Take care,


Spotify Customer Support

Looks like it's goodbye to Premium subscription. Can I ask the source of
this info? Many thanks.

4 months and counting to find a solution. 

Pretty obvious that they are just using a reply template because nearly everyone gets the same email.

Very happy to report that my playlists are back and I am once again enjoying Spotify through my Denon receiver.  Thank you.

My playlists will load eventually but usually takes 3-4 minutes I am tired of waiting... I am going to get an echo dot for spotify.. unless someone else has a fix for this problem.

I resolved the 4 minute delay by deleting Spotify generated playlists as suggested by someone else on here. That is stuff like Discover Weekly and any playlists that begin 'This Is: '.


As much as the issues originate from Spotify, I am not impressed with Denon (or Marantz in my case. Are they the same company?) just leaving us to it and not trying to communicate with Spotify to get the problems resolved. I will be considering that issue when I go to upgrade my audio system in the not too distant future. They could at least try to reach an agreement with a different service such as Deezer who might be a bit more considerate of their customers and get things fixed. 

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