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Denon AVR-X2100W - No Spotify Connect


Denon AVR-X2100W - No Spotify Connect

Just purchased a new Denon receiver and everything is working OK except Spotify connect, it doesn't show as a device on the connect page. I can stream everything via AirPlay OK, but connect doesn't show. They are both running on the same network, but I wonder if there are any settings I need to consider for spotify specifically. I have tried searching the forums but haven't come up with anything so far. If anyone could point me in the direction of some help it would be much appreciated!

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Hi all,


now I am sure my issue has to do with the Google settings. See the link from ThorOppenheimer (thanks !).
The solution for Andriod devices is : go to settings --> Google --> Cast Media Controls and undo. Now (do not fotget) turn your device off and back on.
I can play my Marantz and opening my Android devices will not turn the music off anymore. When I try to start Spotify connect most of the time it does not see my Marantz, but when I turn my Marantz off and back on I can connect without any problem.
Good luck and hopefully Google will repair the issue.

Alright, looks like the issue might be resolved. 

After my phone received the Google Play Services update that was mentioned in the link from Denon and Google on the previous page my phone isn't dropping the receiver  or spotify connect. 



So in short, if you have google play services version 11.9.75 which addresses the phone waking from sleep mdns traffic issue you should be good to go. 

I am still on version 11.9.51.

Does someone know how I can get the mentioned version 11.9.75?

Thanks for the link! 

As this is still a beta version:

Does someone know when they will release the stable version including the fix? 

I installed this version on three different Android mobiles and don’t have issues anymore with my Denon AVR3100W receiver and Spotify.  

This is the version  on my samsung galaxy s8+




How did you get version 11?

Thats the wrong software. You need Google Play Services.


Verify on your mobile:


Settings > App Settings > Installed apps > Google Play Services


Don’t forget to switch to “Show all apps”  (3 dots in upper right corner) on my Xiaomi - Android 7, otherwise you won’t see the application. Version 11.9.75 solved my problems. Still beta but give it a try or wait until it is available in the Play Store.


Use this link and install 11.9.75 beta (check your first 3 digits from you’re installed app, thats you’re CPU, device type, (448 in the photo)) and install the package.



Thank you @rebo127

Still 11.9.5120180127_120118.png




How can you downgrade the frimware of 730ae? I tried to go down from 17.97 version to 17.95 via USB but I got nowhere. I managed to get the unit to start the process but I got the answer: Latest firmware.

confirmed that it has been fixed with the new version of google services. No noise is heard and I have updated to the latest version of Denon firmware and it does not fall

Do you have a Chromecast or Google Home device?



Yes, 2 Chromecasts 1st gen, one of them attached to the AVR. They're both working.

since my post just has been deleted due to some maintenance work (yay!), here it is again:


I dont know whether its the same problem or not, but I cant get spotify connect to work on my X1300W since a few days (both from PC and smartphone to the Denon; PC <-> phone is working fine). The only things that changed is I did a firmware update on my AVR and changed my spotify password.


I have already tried anything that has been recommended here in the thread, including:


- checking for new firmwares/software updates for my PC, AVR and android phone (ZTE Axon 7)

- installed the recent Google Play Services update

- unplugged/plugged AVR and router (AVM Fritzbox 7590)

- restarted PC and phone

- deleted spotify app cache

- resetted AVR network device

- tried both DHCP and static IPs for the AVR

- tried cable and WiFi for the AVR


<-- edit:

- set the AVR to "exposed host" in the router config to eliminate potential port forwarding issues


Also, I have 2 Chromecasts running, they're both working fine. So I guess you can be relatively sure that its not a LAN related problem.


For clarification: I do have spotify premium and I dont have weird characters in my username. It used to work just fine.



When I'm trying to connect, it seems like its receiving the request and then restarts the network device (just like when resetting it manually). Its also not been automatically woken up when sending the request. You can only see that things are going on when its already on (the display shows the network reinitialization). For me it seems like a Denon related firmware bug.


Any ideas?



I've had same problem for a week now, tried different 'tricks' but cant find solution. Also I have problem that my receiver cant find my Wifi connection, with wps I can still connect WiFi.


Model: AVR-X1300W



Factory reset your AVR. should fix. this also seems to have started after Spotify's update on the 15th Feb..... coincidence???

Update firmware on the 1300W (via USB if network update won't work). Then power cycle receiver and router, then reinstall Spotify app on your Android device. This worked for me after trying "all" settings in network equipment, receiver and devices.


why my iphone4s is the only Apple device to find my Denon Spotifyconnect?

For me too only my work iPhone can find the Denon AVR. My new Samsung S9 is a no go. Very frustrating.


Edit: Ok, removing the local devices settings fixed the issue.

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