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Denon AVR-X2200W Spotify connect crashes when phone comes out of standby

Denon AVR-X2200W Spotify connect crashes when phone comes out of standby

I'm having a very strange network issue with my Denon AVR-X2200W receiver when using Spotify connect.


The situation: I stream music on the receiver using Spotify connect. When my phone (OnePlus 5, Android) wakes up from standby, i.e. when I unlock it, the music stops and the receiver has a network error. Sometimes there is a noise (like white noise) just before it stops. The receiver then goes into network restart mode and after it comes back online I can start playback again.


I have tried assigning static IPs to both the receiver and the phone, but this doesn't fix the problem. Neither does setting all the port forwarding settings up for Spotify connect as recommended by Denon. Other devices on the network (including my old iPhone) don't cause any issues.


Any suggestions on how to solve this prolem?

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Hello together,


I have the exact same issue, but with a Denon AVR-X2100W Receiver.

When I leave my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S7 btw.) unattended for some minutes and then wake it up, my receiver makes some scratchy noise and then the network connection seems to crash and I don't see the receiver in the list of available devices in my spotify app anymore. It then takes some time (while the network restarts within the receiver I guess) and then I see the receiver in my app again and can stream music. I can stream it for hours as long as I do not touch my phone (which is ridiculous of course). As soon as I wake my phone again, the same procedure as last time...

I am using static IP address for the network connection by the way.

As I have not received any firmware update for the receiver lately and the issue started happening I guess a month ago or so, it seems to be some bug which came with a new Spotify app version.


The problem is 100% reproducable in my case, not intermittend.

I would really appreciate, if someone from Spotify support could check on that or if someone could file that as an issue, because this is impacting multiple users with Denon and also with Marantz Receivers as I read in this post:


Within this post there is also a hint to the Android battery optimization function, which should be turned off for the Spotify app. I did this and it did not change anything. The problem persists. 


Currently its not enjoyable to use spotify with my receiver...


Thanks in advance for any reaction.





Exact same issues here as well. 

Tried all the fixes listed in the other thread and no luck

Thanks for the replies. For me the problem is 100% reproducible and happens every time I wake up my phone when it's on WiFi. Tried the suggested fix to disable the battery optimization but that didn't help. My best workaround for now is to use my phone on 4G...

I have registered my (unfortuately old receiver / X1200W) on the German Denon website and filed a service request for this problem with reference to the two existing threads here in the Spotify forum.


Especially with reference to the answer from AlexAtanassov, who mentioned that he got a fix for this problem for his X4100W:


I tried to make really clear that this is not a problem with single devices or just with one special model, but a general problem within the firmware, which is partially the same for all devices I guess.


I'll report the outcome here. Hopefully they will bring updated firmwares for all our devices soon...

It would be great if everyone having this issue could file such an request (register the product --> use the webform to contact Denon). I guess this might help in speeding up the fixing-process / make it clear to Denon that they HAVE a problem here...

Hi there,


I sadly have the same symptoms on a different system (KEF LS50 Wireless). Luckily, it doesnt completely disconnect ~ crash on waking my phone. It does however make a static / white noise for some seconds every time I wake my Samsung S8. I've tried the previous suggestions and none have worked so far.


I truly hope this gets fixed soon. 

Same problem here. Running an x2200w wired to a 8 port gigabit tp link switch connected to a unifi gateway. Anytime I unlock my Galaxy S8 the denon network crashes and restarts.

I have tried wireless configuration linked to a unifi LR AP giving me same results. 

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