Denon AVR X4100W no connect since last Spotify update

Denon AVR X4100W no connect since last Spotify update

Since I installed the last update (android and Windows) the AVR is not shown to play in the app.I can connect to the AVR over network without problems by browser or Denon app. Only Spotify connect is not possible. I restarted and reconnected every device several times -- no change. Is it a known bug??

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The problem is not solverd already. I mostly use Spotify with my AVR. If there is no solution I cancel my premium membership.

Several restarts later -- it works again. Don't  know why.

Problem solved.

Same problem with me since latest firmware Jul 17 Spotify Connect can not initiate stream from any device (IOS, Win 10...).  Tried everything. No luck. With my case inbound stream to Spotify Connect causes LAN/WiFI adapter of the AVR to disconnect and reconnect. This we have seen with previous firmrwares as a problem too. AirPlay works with no issue.

Honestly, i am a bit tired with how DENON implements Spotify in their AVRs and the inconsistent user experience. They need to stop using cheap network adapters and also exercise more care implmenting firmwares. Alex


It seems i managed to get Spotify Connect back on X4100w by Initializing the network adapter (from remote go to Online Music then on AVR console hold down DIMMER + > buttons for min 3 sec). Other DENON AVRs can initialize network adapter by combinations listed here

PS. i use WIRED LAN connetion, fixed IP (DHCP is OFF), default gateway is the router IP (mine is; DNS; second DNS

Good luck and hope above helps. 

EDIT: this turned out works only as a temp solution. Once disconnected Spotify Connect does not reconnect. Initializing again helps but only untill you stop playing/disconnect, What a mess....:(

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