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Denon CEOL

Denon CEOL

Hi  there.

I got a Denon Ceol DRA-N5 (ie CEOL Piccolo without Denon speakers), after firmware update it got Spotify support...

but it NEVER worked a single time...

I typed login/password, it initialised the thing, I saw the "search / playlist / starred" options... and that's it , I never ever managed to go beyond that, whatever the option chosen (starred / playlist etc), it just plain freezes or goes back to the full 4-step "reinitialisation/connexion/waiting for reply" cycle...


Is that a joke or something ? did someone manage to make it work on that device or is the firmware for spotify in some kind of pre-alpha unusable stage ?

plz let me know...

5 Replies

i had similar problems, i spent  + 10 hours and i found a solution which is not really acceptable: switching to a new account.

in my case, the german denon support tried to help me, but this needs to be fixed in the denon headquarter


the spotify support is really poor, shame on you: denon and spotify

A bunch of users are experiencing the same problem. It works for me if I create a brand new account, but since I want to use my old one with all the playlists, radio stations and such switching is not a very good option for me.


We are discussing it in this thread:



Two months later : ZERO news, ZERO firmware upgrade, ZERO reply from denon/spotify after the "yes we know there's a problem"


at least we know it's directly related to amount of playlists/songs in our accounts

to sum up : if you use spotify to stock plenty of playlists/songs by label etc (ie in the ten thousands tracks), it DOES NOT WORK, DO NOT BUY denon to listen to spotify, you'll just loose your money.

in fact, it must be similar on most hardware, since even freeware players apart from official client have a hard time/disconnect all the time with big accounts. Spotify API is definitely NOT suited for that kind of accounts.

and that's a terrible shame... If I was a bit paranoid, I could claim it's on purpose...


anyway, I stopped subscribing as long as no one gives a **bleep**

back to piracy if that's the only way not to get screwed.

your loss


Hi there, I'm planing on buying a CEOL Piccolo, but before I want to know if this problem has been resolved since?

Replying to myself after buying the CEOL Piccolo: It has not been resolved.

Spotify is unusable on the Denon CEOL....

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