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Denon RCD-N8

Denon RCD-N8

Hi, folks.


Got a "Empty List" message earlier when using Spotify on the above device.


Consequently, I performed a factory reset on the unit itself and am now unable to even log on to the service at all when I re-enter my account details.


Has support for this device been stopped?

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Yep I'm in the same boat, just won't log in at all. Maybe something changed at the Spotify end due to the disruption they had recently?

I've the same issue. It looks like a loop. I've reset the Ceol N8 but the problem is not solved.

I checked to see if it was all still broken earlier in the week, and lo and behold, it's all working again. I assume someone tripped on the power lead to the server. 😛

Yeah I saw that too. 'Quietly' fixed with no admission etc.

For me this issue is still unresolved. My ceol n8 refuses to connect to spotify. It says I have no internet connection, but it HAS internet connection. 

Every time I activate the spotify function, the user credentials are empty. When I add them and login... Nothing. 

HEY there!


With the Firmware Update this Week the DENON CEOL N8 now supports Spotify Connect!!! GREAT!!! I never thougt this update would happen after all the years! 


Spotify now dissapears from Menu – but now therefore the great Spotify Connect Feature is there!

All kudos to Denon. Still updating and "old" device with new features. Brilliant.


I could have saved myself some money by not buying a seperate Spotify Connect device to plug into it just a week before. Hey-ho. 🙂

How does it work????

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