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Depeche Mode - Question of time

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Hi guys,

I'm not sure if I chose the right board to post but here's the deal:

In the Depeche Mode's "Black Celebration" album ( there is a song "A question of time". Problem is that this version of song, that is currently in the Spotify, is a faster remix. Original slower version from album ( is absent from Spotify at all. I noticed that because I changed from Apple Music to Spotify, and in the AM there is correct version of the song in this album.

So my question is: can it be fixed/added to the Spotify? Maybe communication with rightowner is needed? Because as for now it completely ruins all impression from the album - current version of the song very differs from speed and feelings of other album's songs.


Thank you in advance.

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Hey @agams92! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't sound cool.


Be sure to check this help article out for more details on how fix tracks/albums. ^^




Thanks, didn't know about that feature! I submitted the form, but will keep this post open just to be sure.


You're welcome! 


Sure, let me know if you need something else. ^^



If someone is interested, nothing changed since my report to the Spotify team (14th of September). They said that they've handled this issue to Content team, and that if changes will be made, it can take several weeks to be reflected in the app. But still wrong version of the song.

The correct version was recently added when DM was promoting their box set. I'm not sure why the alternate faster mix was there but now I don't think it's anywhere on Spotify anymore. Which is unfortunate because I actually prefer that version 



Yeah, I decided recently to listen "Black Celebration" again, and was surprised that slow version is back again. It's a pity though that they just replaced fast version, not added it somewhere else. Also it's strange that nearly all album covers become black-and-white.

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