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[Desktop][Browse] Stop changing the UI

[Desktop][Browse] Stop changing the UI

If you're going to keep coming up with new features and change things around all the time, MAIN IDEA : give people the option to configure their interface to keep the things they like and remove the things they don't. Or select a version of the interface that suited them.

RANT : Changing pieces here and there without asking is frustrating. I am annoyed every time I use Spotify now because, among other things, I can no longer see all an artist's songs on one screen, I have to pick through each album individually. EVERY TIME ANNOYED = BAD EXPERIENCE

I know the idea of 'optimising' the interface is attractive, but be more careful when you do this. Spotify has been around for a while now and even if the interface isn't perfect it was familiar which is sometimes just as good. No one is moving the steering wheel of a car to the floor and the pedals by your hands..

I see a lot of ideas and complaints in here that are shut down because they don't meet your requirements for an 'idea'. If you really want to understand what is happening with your users let everything stay and see what gets the most votes. You're shooting yourself if the foot not listening to people's feedback because it sounds like a rant or isn't a clearly formed idea your can easily pick up and run with.

What is really annoying is I get the feeling none of this makes a difference. Everyone will continue to use Spotify because there are no reasonable competitors.


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