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[Desktop][Other] Ability for users to toggle on & off the "announcement" banner

[Desktop][Other] Ability for users to toggle on & off the "announcement" banner

Feature : Allow users to toggle the "announcements" banner from displaying on desktop and mobile
As a Fully Paid Spotify User

I want the ability to turn off the announcement banner

So that I don't see advertisements for music I am interested in or not interested in.




Story : Users are subjected to a banner in the desktop app which is named "announcements" but can be perceived as an advert. If a user pays for an account they should not get such "announcements". Paid users should have this disabled by default, but have the ability to turn it on if they want.


Story : Despite spotify crunching (at great cost) user data to determine what users listen to, it still advertises new albums of artists they do not listen to, this should not happen to paid users.



Scenario : It should not show the announcement banner to paid users

Given a paid user has logged in to spotify on the desktop app successfully

And they are navigated to the home screen by default

When the home screen loads successfully 

Then the user should not see a banner at the top of the home screen


Scenario : It should be possible to turn on the announcement banner with a toggle 


Scenario : It should toggle between "off" or "on" for the announcement toggle

Scenario : It should only show artists of interest to the user if the paid user toggles the toggle to the on position

Scenario : It should have the announcement toggle options / section in the users language

Scenario : It should have a tool tip that explains the announcement banner impact has to the interface(honestly)

Scenario : It should toggle the "announcement toggle" to "off by default"

Scenario : It should grey out / not be optional to turn off the announcement banner if the user account is not a paid for account


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Hi @wilsonjg,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. 


We've moved your post to this help board because as a Premium user you should be able to disable announcements.


However, in order to assist you better please send us a screenshot of the banner you're seeing, this way we can give you the proper directions to do it. 


Keep us posted.

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