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[Desktop][Search] Your Service is Becoming Unusable due to Weird Music Defaults

[Desktop][Search] Your Service is Becoming Unusable due to Weird Music Defaults

When I try and play Baby Shark...of course I only want the Russian version to work! Even though I live in America!


When I want to play Christmas carols, the ONLY version I ever want to hear is Michael Buble or some off brand instrumental!


This service has gotten so poor over the last two years it's now time to switch to Alexa. Ask for any song on Spotify, you get an off brand version, or something that they probably got paid to promote.


Get it together if you want to keep my family's business. When we ask for a song, just play the most commonly played version. Stop making my children cry and yell at me. It's like a joke. Ask Google to play XXXXXX on Spotify, get the wrong, weird version every time.


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Hi @cmcody,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


We've moved your post to this help board because it doesn't qualify as an idea.


Just to clarify, are you  having this issue only while using a voice assistant? If you are, please keep in mind that what Spotify does is just fulfill and play whatever command it receives from the assistant. 


In this case, the commands you use could be more specific since the assistant searches the whole Spotify's catalog. 

  • "Play Baby Shark Russian version"
  • "Play Christmas carols by Michael Bublé" 

Let us know how this goes. 

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