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Device selection for playback not working properly

Device selection for playback not working properly

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My Question or Issue

I used to be able to switch device playback easily but tapping on the speaker icon, and selecting which device I wanted (ie. "This device", or a nearby bluetooth speaker. 


Suddenly, the app wouldn't recognize my google home as a playback device, and it always used to. 


I had to manually connect to google home, and now the option to switch back to "this device" isn't there either. 


So the only way I can get it to play from my phone now, is to turn off bluetooth, but the minute I turn it back on, it connects back to the speaker. 


Can this be investigated and resolved? 


I really liked the previous feature when I would move through the house and want to switch to my phone, or back to the Bluetooth in the main area. 


Also, it took me multiple attempts to post this due to weird form errors and glitches, and then it flagged me for spam posts.... 


Spotify, what's going on?

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Hey @SpotifyUser92,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Let's start by making sure you're running a fresh installation of Spotify on the parent device. Could you perform a clean reinstall of the app as described here?


After that, it'd be nice to narrow down on the issue by checking if it is network related. Could you use a different network, e.g. a hot spot from your phone, to connect to the Google Home? On this note, also check if the option to "Show local devices only" is on or off, try switching between the two to find the lost device.


It'd be also important to make sure you can replicate the issue using another account. This way we can exclude account related issues.


Android devices have certain options to limit the background activity of apps. Could you make sure, that Spotify is set as an exception in the battery/memory optimizers? The particular steps to access those settings vary between devices, but look something like this in general: Settings -> Apps -> Spotify...


For the last part, there are some anti-spam protections in place on the Community forum, it seems you've stumbled upon one, which makes me think there is some network related issue at the bottom.


Keep us posted,



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