Different music in different rooms- Sonos


Different music in different rooms- Sonos

I have a Spotify premium account (Individual). I generally use the Sonos app to play music from Spotify on my Sonos speakers.

Since I have had this set up, I have been able to play different music in different rooms. However, when I now try this, it will only play Spotify content on one speaker, and stop playing any other speaker with Spotify content. The message ‘Playback in (room) was stopped. Spotify is being used somewhere else’.


Anyone else having this problem? Only saw it for the first time last night. Have Spotify changed their terms and conditions?



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I still have this issue. What is the solution for the problem?

Just use SONOS app 

The problem still persists when using the Sonos app. I can't play multiple
tracks in multiple rooms at the same time. One of them stops after 3-5

Same here, I recently moved and had my Sonos gear packed up for a few weeks. Plugged it all back in recently, and no longer can run different Spotify songs from different Sonos speakers. I've tried from both Sonos App and Spotify App. Is this still a known issue? iOS Sonos S2 Version 14.18.2

This is incredibly disappointing and presenting it as though it has always been like this doesn’t help. It was fine until very recently. I’ve been buying Sonos for years and I’m not going to buy any more. The functionality has been getting steadily worse. Now we suddenly can’t listen to different songs in different rooms even when paying for a Spotify premium family account. What a waste of money.

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