Differentiation of song versions from local files

Differentiation of song versions from local files

So recently I had been having a problem with me uploading/ syncing 2 versions of the same song (which was Duke Ellington's arrangement of Laura performed by the Tucson Jazz Institute [which aren't on Spotify] with Jimmy Heath on version 1 and Ben Stowers on version 2). First I synced it to my desktop PC and listened to both versions of the song to make sure I was not choosing the same version twice and added them to one of my playlists and synced it on both my PC and Android phone. The sync was successful, but when I went to listen to it on my phone it had not synced both versions. It only just added one version (the Jimmy Heath version) to playlist twice. At first I thought *I* had made an error in choosing the songs, so I went back to my PC and made sure I was correctly choosing the songs. After doing that for about half an hour I came to the conclusion that it was not a human error. I then spent another *2 hours* renaming, re-titling, and inspecting both versions of the song to try to differentiate the versions as much as possible, but to no avail. The same problem was still occurring no matter what I changed with files. Eventually I just gave up.

So, back to the idea. I was thinking that maybe the developers could implement some form of process to recognize the differentiality of songs by inspecting the song's length, audio differences, file name, file title, song number on album, etc. I think this would really help avoid and or stop problems like mine from happening to others.
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