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Disabled Sync on 3G mutiple times. still downloaded over cellular.

Disabled Sync on 3G mutiple times. still downloaded over cellular.

Besides the app crashing, not playing songs on load and requiring muliple reloads, strange syncing issues....I turned off Sync on 3G, closed the app thinking it was ok. Opened, played some music. I start getting text messages...a bunch of them, that my data was used up. I have at least 2 gigs on my plan, and I never go over 150 megs usually a month so it couldn't be that bad. I open up settings again, and Sync on 3G was on. (Stupid me right?) I close the app, open it again and it's still on. over and over it just wouldn't turn off. I had to uninstalled the app. Rebooting the phone wasn't helping much either. As I'm trying to fix this issue, my cell provider is texting me to warn me about overages.


Flipping the settings on the settings page should work...if there is an error in the background that was turning it back on, I should get a message about that. Also, I'm not 100% sure why flipping a toggle switch on the settings page deletes files from my phone without a warning. If I flip download offline off and on, it must reset all my synced offline files otherwise the download over 3G would not have done anything. I would expect there to be a popup or warning as that can really screw up your dataplan like me.


So if there is a way to fix this issue or know of a better way to not have it redownload stuff on 3G let me know, I'll be out paying overage fees now....


Information that could be useful:

- Your country (optional, for privacy reasons) USA

- Your specific phone model  Lumia 928

- Your phone's Operating System and version latest

- Are you using 3G, WiFi? both

- The error message(s) you get Used up all my data plan and now I owe a bunch of money for overages.

- screenshot of any error messages you get

- etc.

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