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[Discover] Discover tab in Browse is broken

[Discover] Discover tab in Browse is broken







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Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 My Discover page is broken. It's showing ONLY the Spotify-created playlists from the Overview tab.


The only reason I pay for Spotify is to discover new music from my genres because it's the best in the business at that. That's it.


The Discover and Newly Released automatically generated playlists aren't good enough. They don't show album covers and they put in artists I don't care about. I need the Disover TAB to be fixed.


In the bottom right of the second picture you can see that the "Discover" box is completely empty. So it's not like I didn't just scroll down in the first picture...


I just checked the Discover tab on iOS and it's completely fine. So it's only for PC/Windows 10 that it's broken. Maybe a recent update?

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Hey @Upforcestar, welcome to the community!


Could you send us your Spotify version numbers? You can find them under Help > About Spotify.


If you haven't tried yet, please give reinstalling the app a shot. Also, try logging in with a different Spotify account (Free or Premium), to check if it behaves the same.


Keep us posted.

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