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(Discover Weekly) Liked from Radio playlist

(Discover Weekly) Liked from Radio playlist

My Discover Weekly is no longer adding songs I like to a Liked from Radio playlist like it used to. Instead of a thumbs up, there is now a heart to click to 'like' songs, but it just says 'Saved to Your Library' and doesn't add it to a playlist. 

I tried recovering an old LFR playlist to see if songs would add to there but they don't, so I'm having to manually add songs from Discover Weekly to a separate playlist so I can find them again. I've tried on both an iPhone and a laptop, neither work. Any help ??


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To be honest, I've never had a "Liked from Radio" playlist created for me when I "like" songs from my Discover Weekly playlist. Granted, I've only been a Spotify Premium user since December. However, I've never had a "thumbs up" option on either Android or the web player. I've always either had the "heart" option to like the track on Android. This adds the song to my library only, but doesn't created any kind of "Like from Radio" playlist separate from the Discover Weekly playlist. On the web player I don't have either the "heart" or "thumbs up" option, I only get a little "+" icon that let's me add the song to my library.


Perhaps this is a feature that went EOL?


Ahhh I hope not, it was really useful cos it meant I could just like new songs and have them saved to a new playlist. Thanks anyway !!


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