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Discover Weekly Suggestions

Discover Weekly Suggestions

I just took your survey (emailed to me) about the Discover Weekly feature, and I really want to emphasize how much I love the feature, it has introduced me to SOOOmuch new music that I love.
I wanted to offer a couple thoughts and suggestions on things that would really improve the experience and bring Discover Weekly to the next level:
-A little clarity on how the algorithm determines what songs to put in there, and maybe the ability to manually influence it. For example, if I'm getting mostly folk music in my DW playlist, I imagine it comes up because I have listened to the genre in the past, but it would be nice to be able to say "next week give me more variety" or "next week focus more on the music I've been listening to more recently" (because I'll go through genre phases) or even "next week make discover weekly have more of X genre or more music like X band/song" -- although if you include something like this, please be sure to have a way to reset the algorithm to what it was before allowing user input in case the users screw it up and you end up with a weird DW trend
-A VERY valuable feature to add would be a 'like' or 'favorite' button. I save songs I like from DW in a Discover Fav's playlist that I made...but I have to imagine that playlist isn't being used any more favorably as feedback to the DW algorithm than anything else I listen to, when in reality analyzing it would give the DW algorithm a great idea of what it's doing right and what to do more of. Also, even on that playlist there are noticeable trends in taste, so if my genre taste seems to shift, it would be nice if my feedback (in which songs I favorite) was reflected in the coming week with more weight put on recent music tastes than just music tastes in general.
-It would be nice to be able to view past weeks of discover weekly, sometimes there are songs that I don't quite wanna save as a favorite, but maybe would like to hear them again. Without the ability to go back and review previous weeks, those songs basically get lost forever if I never heard of the artist before or don't remember the name of the song.
-It is REALLY a pain to get to the DW playlist feature in the first place. You have to go from the "My Music" section of the (iPhone mobile) app, to the "Browse" section, scroll down to "Discover" and then click on "Discover Weekly"...which frustratingly isn't even always there. If there was a way to have discover weekly attached right to "My Music" or just easier to get to that would be fantastic. Actually I've told a number of my friends about the DW playlist and they had no idea it existed, more often they just go to Pandora for the discover experience (which in my experience has a much much worse algorithm).
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