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Discover Weekly - how to recover last week's playlist?


Discover Weekly - how to recover last week's playlist?



It's Monday morning and Spotify has just gave me a "fresh" release of my Discover Weekly playlist.


I did however enjoy last week's too and would love to be able to save it, but I've forgotten the artists and song names.


Is there a way to recover it? I wasn't able to find it in the history or anything as the playlist is owned by Spotify?






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For computers:

Hi guys, you can retrieve the song you listened to through your song history.


Go to the bottom right hand side and click on the 3 horizontal lines. This should bring up your play queue. There is a history button beside it, and you can view all the songs you have listened to. You can retrieve your songs from the list. Hope this helps!

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I made a simple tool that will automatically make a copy of your discover weekly playlist and save it to your Spotify, every Friday, in only one click (no need to setup an IFTTT account).


Rediscover - Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist Archiver


Once you connect it to Spotify, you don't have to do anything else and the copied version will just show up automatically each week! Please let me know if there are any issues or missing features on twitter: @rileytomasek

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Hello & welcome to the community!

I'm afraid that there isn't a way to do so.

The playlist will update weekly and replace the previous songs within it.

Sorry 😞


Hope this helps! ♫

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PM me here

I had exactly the same question this morning when last week's vanished. I think what I needed to do was to copy all the songs from that playlist into a new one, since that one's dynamically updated by Spotiy. Stinks though that everything from last week is gone, I really liked my playlist and also don't remember most of the artists.

Exact same

I got lucky and "recovered" my playlist


I had another iPad which had the "Play Queue" containing "Last week's" Discover weekly still running which had been put on iOS's locked screen mode for the past 3 days.


I picked up the iPad and immediately turned the WIFI off, and took a screenshot of the 30 curated songs and I then individually added all 30 songs back a newly created Playlist e.g. "Discover weekly - 1st Edition" 


My heart is now a little less sour but I think Spotify could do a little better.


Next release?



Maybe if I go through my play history I can piece it back together, if only the desktop program recorded my play across all platforms....

If you happen to scrobble to, you could check your recently listened tracks, too.

I think in the Desktop versions (Windows and Mac), you can view "History" after clicking into "Play Queue".


This feature doesnt exist in iOS though (not sure about Android)


Good luck 

I also found it in my Facebook activity history. Phew! I'll definitely copy this week's playlist into a non-subscribed list

Right, I just checked my Spotify History tab and had to scroll back a bit, as I already listened to the 30 tracks this morning. But they are listed there as expected, it can take some time to load that very long History list though.

any idea how to do it on an iphone? thanks

I went through my facebook activity and I believe i have most of the songs now in a new playlist that i have made public. "Best of Discover Weekly".

I didn't realise the the playlist updated itself on a weekly basis so I too was gutted when I saw all of the songs weren't there this morning. I dont suppose you can upload the screenshot of the songs or name them? ;D

everyone's was different, you have to go through your play history one way
or another to find it.

I've just had the same thing and I'm gutted - absolutley loved my playlist last week and for some reason can't see any of the tracks on my queue history. Has anyone experienced the same and know why? 

Mine did not show up in the history queue either, so I had to click on my profile name in the upper right hand of Spotify, and then click 'Recently Played Artists'. It only shows the artists, but I went to each artist and found the songs that were on mine. They were all in the Top 5 of each artist so it's not that hard. Best of luck to you!

Could you post the screenshot? Thx!

I was just curious what Spotify gave you, but thank you to whomever recommended turning off wifi immediately on laptop and looking there! Found the list and then recreated it on my phone.

Hi MAK0819


I've already re-made the playlist, but i'll post the screenshot anyway lol (please note, this is gonna be different for everyone)




Do you still have last weeks playlist because I would really love to have it 🙂

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