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Discover Weekly - how to recover last week's playlist?


Discover Weekly - how to recover last week's playlist?



It's Monday morning and Spotify has just gave me a "fresh" release of my Discover Weekly playlist.


I did however enjoy last week's too and would love to be able to save it, but I've forgotten the artists and song names.


Is there a way to recover it? I wasn't able to find it in the history or anything as the playlist is owned by Spotify?





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If your Spotify account is linked to your Facebook account you can review your Activity Log and see what songs you played. I was able to jot down the songs and save them to a new Spotify playlist. 


Hope this helps.

Would you mind putting up a list of songs from that playlist please so can add to our own? Thanks 🙂

If you have your Spotify account linked to Facebook, you can go to your Activity Log in FB and pull your track history to rebuild the playlist.

Hi All,


A lot of people on this thread are asking for the songs in the discovery playlist to be posted...

Just to clarify this would be pointless as everyone's Discover Weekly is unique to them.


For the future all you need to do every Monday is copy all the songs in Discover Weekly (they automatically change on mondays) to one of your own playlists (e.g "My Discovery"). This way you can build it up every week.

Mine currently has 150 songs from the last 5 weeks of Discovery - great for shuffle play!


I was one of the people who moaned at Spotify for taking away the Discover Weekly playlist a few months ago. Now it is back let's not moan because we have simply forgot to save the songs!!! (otherwise they may take it away again!)


Let's just congratulate Spotify on giving us new unheard of music every Monday - I've found countless new artists/bands in the last month...






its hardly pointless... that stuff could just automatically save as a personal playlist for each person, saving them the trouble of doing it themselves every week


maybe a feature for premium? would be sweet

Hey FuzzyLuke,


Think you misunderstand by what I mean as pointless...

People on this thread who forgot to save the discovery playlist are asking others to post the playlist up on here thinking it will contain their songs. But becuase it is unique it will only be the other persons someone liking folk may get death metal!


and yes, I think it would be good to automatically save (or maybe have a option in the settings for this).



Quick tip to mobile iOS users.


While we don't have the robust capabilities of the desktop client, I did find one version fo play history in the mobile client that will help identify the artists, but not the tracks.


In iOS, hit the menu icon in the top left, once there click your profile at the bottom, that should at least bring up several recently played artists (these for some reason are not found on my recently played queue elsewhere in the app). While I did not find all of the recently played aritsts from last weeks playlist, a good deal of them were there.

Hey y'all — 


I set up a IFTTT rule to automatically add anything added to Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist to one of my own. Hope this helps!



I freaking love u;)


What is your spotify name so i can find your discover weekly playlist?


Hi zachthejoke777


It wouldn't help finding anyone elses discover playlist as they are tailored unique to the individual and so what you like in music is most probably different to other people!


hope that helps

You don't wanna use mine--I think the rule's set up so once you authorize Spotify with IFTTT, you should be able to just put in "Discover Weekly", and then whatever playlist you made to keep all the songs in.

Thanks for the idea, just managed to do this on my mac by turning the wifi off as soon as i opened it!

Hi together,


I have a question....Is it possible to recover the "Dein Mix der Woche" "Mix of the week" from last week? There where a few cool songs bud I didn't wrote down the name of the artist...



I want to know how to do it, too.


I was subscribed to the playlist "Tiesto Tomorrowworld 2015" spotify official playlist, and today it was replaced by "ADE 2015" 😞


And I don't know exactly how to contact Spotify support.

THIS WAS SO HELPFUL. you are a lifesaver

Marked as solution

For computers:

Hi guys, you can retrieve the song you listened to through your song history.


Go to the bottom right hand side and click on the 3 horizontal lines. This should bring up your play queue. There is a history button beside it, and you can view all the songs you have listened to. You can retrieve your songs from the list. Hope this helps!

Hey, thanks for the tip, but unfortunately, this only applies to the application instance, not your account wide instance.

Example, I have played the Discover Weekly songs on my phone, but I can't pull those up via the History tab. Unfortunately, it is a little annoying that it is not account wide, as I would have had them streaming to as that it is how it is setup on my desktop account, but not my phone.

I guess I am out of luck for last week's Discover Weekly playlist. 😞

thank god for the absence of prifacy nowadays! crycry

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