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Discover Weekly - how to recover last week's playlist?


Discover Weekly - how to recover last week's playlist?



It's Monday morning and Spotify has just gave me a "fresh" release of my Discover Weekly playlist.


I did however enjoy last week's too and would love to be able to save it, but I've forgotten the artists and song names.


Is there a way to recover it? I wasn't able to find it in the history or anything as the playlist is owned by Spotify?





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Edit, the play list queue is found in the right lower conrer today. So your previously played songs are available this way:


1. Click on queue "icon in the lower right corner on the desktop version".

2. Click history


Now you see all your previously played songs and if you played last weks songs then they should be available there.

This happened to me today and I didn't read all the replies to this, but there's another way in the event that your other devices wasn't on the same playlist or the history has been whiped. 


~ Go to your profile


~ Click on recently played artists


~ It'll only show the artist and not the song so you'll have to go on their page and find the song. Most of the time, you can just click play and it'll play the highest rated song which could be the same one on the playlist.


Even though it won't show the song and only the artsit, you're still a lot closer than before. If somebody already said this then don't pay attention to me XD


I had the same issue, so I recently created a tool to start archiving my playlists. I hope it helps you too!


This is my archive if you want to see how it looks like

Discover Weekly Archiver for Constantine Nikitiadis - Rocketgraph - Google Chrome 2016-02-09 16.31.14.png

I was on a mission to find the songs that where on the playlist! There is one way of saving/recovering this if you have Spotify on multiple devices, I tested this on a PC on a Monday afternoon when the playlist changed. (I did not power on my computer yet)

You can only do this if you have not turned on your computer when the playlist changed. Since it syncs playlists when Spotify starts up. 


1) Start up your computer. (If you have an ethernet cord- Unplug it before you start up.)

2) QUICKLY turn off you WIFI before Spotify boots up. (If Spotify starts before you turn off your WIFI, there is a very high chance you have already lost the playlist)

3) Start up Spotify (if it didnt already)

4) Go to your "Discovery Weekly" playlist. The songs should be all faded out due to no internet connection. 

5) Check the songs you want to keep, just check all of them incase you dont remember which ones. (go through them later)

6) Checked songs should be added to Your Music > Songs list. 

6) Feel free to turn on WIFI or plug back in at this point.



Hope this helps.



Awesome - works great!

Hey @frankfu1122 and all the other fellow spotify listeners.


I created a small tool that comes in two flavours, in order to archive and EXPORT your discover weekly playlists


Here is a video for it


Here is a sample version of the free version, with data over the past 7 weeks


You can find the tool here

Free version:

Premium version:


Let me know if you have any comments / suggestions so I can improve it


Have a nice day

Sure. I agree, I love discover weekly and although I usually save the songs, I forgot to this week. No one has given any solution? Is there a way to get a hold of a previous discover weekly? Yes or No.

Best solution if you have listened to a song you have lost THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH 

Hi guys. I have the same problem. Last week my weekly playlist sent by Spotify was really good but unfortunately I didn't saved it! And now its lost.. I've been looking for a way to recover it, also thanks to this forum but didn't managed. CAn somebody help me? I was listening to the playlist from my phone and I can't look back at the recent songs I've listed to. It seems as if tehre is no more track of any of the songs played through that playlist.. Does anybody have an idea of what I can do? Thank you so much in advance! Love spotify but sometimes..... 

hi Benjmin. i'm trying to back up my spotify weekly playlist (of last week) through the link you just sent, but I just can't understand how to do it..  Can you help me out?  thanks! xxx

It doesn't seem to work for me... no songs were added to my playlist. So, are there any other solutions?

If you are looking for something user friendly, try this




Thanks @ConstantineN


This is by far the most elegant solution.


Just fingers crossed Spotify doesn't change their API's too frequently 🙂

Perfect solution. It was driving me crazy, but now I tracked down the song i was looking for!



Just a quick headsup, I just released, which exactly does this.

It has some more features than the IFTTT-Rule, e.g different backup methods.


Some more info: Thread on Spotify




I have clicked save song but I have no idea where they go?!  I can't find them on any playlist at all , it's driving me nuts! And I can't find my history either for some reason, I am on my new iPad Pro , so is there no way to see history or is it hidden? 

perfect! that worked for me! thanks


You guys should really fix this...I don't have time to save playlists or make new ones every week, just let me see the old ones for like a few months or a year.  Thanks. 


I hope someone can help me, I've subscribed to the Canadian Country playlist by Spotify, which gets updated every week.
I remember listening to a song around the end of July, all I remember is the cover, a female artist, blonde locks (more like the old T. Swift), cat eyes & the cover had a blue-ish background.

If anyone remembers or even has a Rocketgraph of this playlist in July, I'd be grateful!

Hi benjaminmktn121,


This way of saving the list with IFTTT, can you tell me more about it? Do you have to install something on your computer? Is it safe? (I managed to destroy my last computer by installing weird stuff on my Apple computer, and I don't want to do it again)

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