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Discover Weekly - how to recover last week's playlist?


Discover Weekly - how to recover last week's playlist?



It's Monday morning and Spotify has just gave me a "fresh" release of my Discover Weekly playlist.


I did however enjoy last week's too and would love to be able to save it, but I've forgotten the artists and song names.


Is there a way to recover it? I wasn't able to find it in the history or anything as the playlist is owned by Spotify?





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elixier schrieb:

Hi benjaminmktn121,


This way of saving the list with IFTTT, can you tell me more about it? Do you have to install something on your computer? Is it safe? (I managed to destroy my last computer by installing weird stuff on my Apple computer, and I don't want to do it again)

Using an IFTTT recipe for saving Discover Weekly or Release Radar to an archive playlist is safe, because IFTTT only uses Spotify API calls for that. You have to create a free account on and add them to your recipes. See also the number of people using them:


Hi Benjamin,

I followed your instructions and made IFTTT list, but when I look in my playlists, the new list is not there. Is it because there is nothing to archive yet? Shouldn’t at least the folder be there?

I'm not Benjamin, but yes, you even should create a new and empty Discover Weekly Archive playlist manually and also copy this week's tracks over manually, because the recipe will only create a new one automatically when it runs on Monday, and then the tracks of this week will be lost. But you only have to do this once, not every Monday.


Ah ok! Thank you Hans-Jürgen!

I made a handy little service to safetly back up your Discover Weeky playlist and recover whenever you want hope you find it useful 🙂

Genius! Thank you!

I love you so much right now
Marked as solution

I made a simple tool that will automatically make a copy of your discover weekly playlist and save it to your Spotify, every Friday, in only one click (no need to setup an IFTTT account).


Rediscover - Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist Archiver


Once you connect it to Spotify, you don't have to do anything else and the copied version will just show up automatically each week! Please let me know if there are any issues or missing features on twitter: @rileytomasek



I need "Discover weekly playlist" 10/23~10/29 (2016)
Who can help me?


im not sure anyone asked this trying to obtain the playlist for 7th - 13th Nov. Anyone has it? Greatly appreciate it...Thanks...

Hey @kam85


Discover Weekly playlist is unique to every user based on their music tastes (i.e. what you have played in Spotify the previous week) so unfortunately there is no point in asking other people what was in their playlist.....


i.e. you may ask a heavy metal fan whilst you like berlin techno 🙂


You could try looking in your history (from desktop program) as one possible solution.






You are DA best! Thanks :')

Is there a way to get to your play history on the web player? 

If you have your spotify synced up with your facebook, you can go to your 'Activity Log' and it should be there 🙂

Recovery is not a difficult task. If you download Android Data Recovery, it will make it easy. With the help of this program, you are able to recover deleted music files on Android devices conveniently and quickly.

can you scroll back further than 30? I don't see a way to do that. I'm dying to find a song that was on last week's discover, but i fell asleep to a different playlist last night, so the song is already off my history.

I love you

I just tried this and got a broken message, would really like to use this service.

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