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Discover Weekly - how to recover last week's playlist?


Discover Weekly - how to recover last week's playlist?



It's Monday morning and Spotify has just gave me a "fresh" release of my Discover Weekly playlist.


I did however enjoy last week's too and would love to be able to save it, but I've forgotten the artists and song names.


Is there a way to recover it? I wasn't able to find it in the history or anything as the playlist is owned by Spotify?





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Exactly, same here. Played on my phone, forgot to save the last weeks awesome songs. I now i need to retrieve the previous list. It wont work with this 😕 

Well, even though this didnt helped me this time, it will work. As you say, as long Spotify cant refresh the list the old one is all there. darn Spotify for not being able to see previosly played songs... 😕

You could be me! Exact same story here...looking for a solution, but i seems all gone. To bad Spotify cannot show me previosly played songs. Time for a change here Mr. Spotify 🙂

Wont work, this will NOT retrive previosly played songs NOR previosly weeks lists. But to be safe from now this is a good tool.

Exactly, i'm here looking for info on how to retrieve previosly played songs. It looks like i'm screwed 😕

if linked with FB, simply go to FB and there in your acitivities you will find everything you played

Please spotify - sort this out! My playlist last week was THE BEST -- and i have no idea who and what i was listening to 😞

Hi. I cant see it on spotify app.

Dear Spotify.... 


PLEASE create a new functionality that allows you to go back to your weekly wishlist. Its an intuitive thing to expect and then search for.  Please get your briliant team to add this one in the next update! 


Your loyal customer and music lover! 

"Empty: you have no songs in history"


Well I guess that the history is stored locally on the device but, sadly, on Windows Phone there is no "History" button.

Why there are so many differences between different devices?

That's so useful!! Thanks yo


Hey Benjamin! I love your tool, I was just hoping you could clarify the settings. In order for all the songs from my discover weekly to save automatically to my own playlist, do I need to select the discover wekly (by spotify) under the "new track added to a playlist?" Thank you in advance!

does not work for me, history apeears to be empty

is it because i listened in mobile?

I downloaded the applette as per previous post, and sometimes it does not save my weekly playlists. Last week`s was awesome, and I wanted to download it today, but the new list just updated.

Is there a history button somewhere that I can see the songs I played? I must have listened to that playlist 10 times and I loved it.

wouldn't adding songs automatically like this affect your music preferences over time?

where will the copied songs save to? Is there a playlist? 

Hey there,


Thanks for your question. We're happy to help.


Unfortunately it's not possible to recover your Discover Weekly. What you can do is put the songs in a playlist as soon as it's updated, that way you can listen to them later - even if there is already a new one 🙂


If this is something that you'd like to see in the future, you can also consider adding your +VOTE and feedback to support this idea.


The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see what our users are interested in and how many people like a certain idea. You can read more about it here.


Have a nice day!

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