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Discover Weekly playlist sucks.

Discover Weekly playlist sucks.

Since the time i first got Premium subcription, Discover Weekly was one of my favourite features, because i could discover new music, just like the name says. But some time ago, weird things started happening - i started seeing tracks that i've listened before many times.  And it is getting worse, each time i see more such tracks. Today i even got a track from "Your Top Songs 2017" playlist. Obviously i've heard that song many times, i don't have to discover it.

What is going on with Discover Weekly? Because now it looks more like another Daily Mix.

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Thanks for getting in touch!


Do you listen to the Discovery Weekly playlist a lot? If you listen more to the Discovery Weekly playlist than to anything else, the algorithm might not have accurate information of what you'd like the most.


We recommend saving music you choose in Your Library, in playlists and also using the thumbs up and down whenever possible. 


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.


Have a nice day!

For years now, 9/10 weeks, my Discover is 75-90% music I listen to on the regular.
As I search the community threads, it seems very widely reported for YEARS. Discover should account for listening activity, not just what's in your library. Nobody catalogs their entire listening history in their library.

same for me, my weekly playlist is really far off...... genre is key but the songs in thank you.

and one thing when you use webplayer you cant dislike an song in the playlists, only heart them. please add that feature. and youtube do this flawless, Spotify don´t!

Reporting back that this seems to have improved to a large extent in the past few years.  Not resolved, but maybe 90%+.  My partner was confused when I would complain about this in the past because she didn't have the same problem.  But just the other day she did complain about a few songs in her Discovery being ones she has listened to a million times.  So, we both agree that it's not fully resolved.

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