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Discover weekly and SONOS

Discover weekly and SONOS

Not entirely sure if I should post this here, but I'm sure I'll be redirected if not.


I have been a big fan of my Discover Weekly playlists. In fact, every monday I download it offline to my phone to make sure I have cool new stuff to listen to. As of a couple of weeks however it seems that it is making its recommendations of of our sonos system. The problem here is, we use my account for our sonos. My wifes taste in music is completely different to mine with some common stuff of course. But as of 2 weeks ago my Discover Weekly should be considered HER discover weekly as they consist mainly of songs she would surely enjoy and me, well let's say, not so much.

In the past this didn't happen and was very content, I could imagine that it is something people would see as an added bonus when using your sonos with spotify, but right now there is too much pink fluff in my Discover Weekly playlist. Please make it stop! So how can I make sure my Sonos does not influence my Discover Weekly playlist?

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Same here. I want to link my Spotify to my work's Sonos, but I don't want everyone else's music affecting my DW and such. It'd be nice to permanently disable this feature when Spotify's being used through Sonos

I have this exact same problem. My Spotify is linked to the Sonos in my house and other people's music is ruining my discover weekly. This never used to be a problem when the music played on Sonos seemed to have no effect on it but a recent update has made my discover weekly useless to me when it used to be my favourite feature on Spotify and the reason I stayed with it after trying a few other streaming services

Please add an option to turn this off so Sonos won't interfere with discover weekly.

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