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Discover weekly has the wrong idea?

Discover weekly has the wrong idea?

Hey, first time posting here and not sure this is the right place for my comments.


Let me start of by saying I love the "discover weekly" feature - It was great at first but now, the last couple of months the "algorithm" has the wrong idea of what I want to hear - Its the right music, the song are of course great but my problem is this:

-I almost exlusively get covers - famous songs by other artists

-In a five week period I can easily have the same song on four lists by different artists

-Last week I had the same song twice in the same list by diffrent artists (happened before)


I, or we, need a way to tell "the algorithm" to stop a behaviour.... I want to listen to "the dark side of the street" and "mr Bojangels" but I dont want to hear every artist that has ever recorded a version.


I would settle with a like or dislike but would prefer a "like artist, hate song" or "like song hate artist" type deal...


So... anyone have tips for me? How to stop my list from beeing all covers of songs I already have in playslist.


(Oh, yeah - this week my list was full of songs that are already in other playlists.... whats up with that?)


Thanks for reading,


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Same issue!!


Similar issue. The algorithm has decided I like country music (not!) or country-rock (also not!), I think because I favorited some Eagles songs when Glenn Frey died. I've tried to "teach" it by favoriting some smoky jazz vocalists like Norah Jones, but it can't seem to learn. I agree it needs a "dislike/"Please no!" button.

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