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Display device disconnected when Webplayer is opened or refreshed

Display device disconnected when Webplayer is opened or refreshed





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Windows 10


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When I open the web player using google chrome my display device disconnects. It is triggered by opening page, refreshing page, changing submenu (like open an album) and by starting the player.

When I change my window or browser tab to a different tab display device is reconnected. Turning off Hardware acceleration in google chrome did not help.


First experienced this issue on friday, 21st of September. Did anyone else experience this problem? 

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Yes! I am having the same issue on my work computer. Dell laptop, dell monitor (attached via dock)... Of the two monitors I am using, the secondary one just loses its video signal as soon as Spotify Web Player starts playing a track... it's connected via DisplayPort cable, OS is Windows 10, browser is Chrome, and hardware acceleration is turned off. The graphics chip doesn't recognize the monitor as an audio device, so there's nothing to adjust there either.

I have the same issue, HP EliteBook laptop in dock, windows 10, 2 dell screens connected. Both connected screens gets disconnected whenever i load/reload the spotify web player in chrome. Works fine in firefox. Hardware accelleration is turned off.


Anyone have any idea on how to fix this?

I have the exact same settup and exact same issue 1:1 as tacmankorkor33.

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