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Dissapearing albums in offline mode on WP Spotify v5.2.4.0

Dissapearing albums in offline mode on WP Spotify v5.2.4.0


since update to which added multilanguage support, shat is cool, is there serious bug. When I play downloaded album in offline mode, everything works. But when I stop it, do something else and then I want to continue, all albums, song and artists dissapear, only remaining thing are playlists, they work fine. 


Steps to reproduce:

Platform: Windows Phone 10, 10.0.14393.189


1) Play downloaded album in offline mode

2) Stop it by unplugging headphones

3) Make windows to stop spotify (for example browsing on internet, facebook app etc.) You should not be able to see spotify between recent apps after this step.

4) Start spotify again in offline mode

5) There are following two variants a) you are seeing everything fine or b) you are not seeing any albums.

6) if a) play something and wait. Albums dissapear when first song ends. If b) you are done.

7) Music collections recovers when you go online again


I hope this is understendable enough. Please fix it as soon as possible, because this is really annoying behaviour.



Vojtech Vladyka

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Hey @argorain!


Thanks for coming to the Community for help.


Could you try removing all offline devices with these steps: Once you've done it, reinstall Spotify and sync your music again. This should do the trick.


Let us know how you get on.



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