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Doesn`t play any music

Doesn`t play any music

When I try to press Play button of album or song, it does nothing! Is there something wrong? What should I do? Only this album appears on Recently played list.

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Mine has the same problem and if i press shuffle my screen goes black! What do i do?

Im having this problem too somewhat. The song plays but then after 30 seconds at the most it will just stop playing and I have to go to another song and that will play for a few seconds. Ive tried logging out of Web Player, closing Chrome, allowing ads, and even got rid of Spotify on my desktop because last time I totally crashed my computer and did wacky things to it. 


Right now trying to listen to something but it stopped at the 1:20 mark about 4 minutes ago and started playing for 2 seconds then quit again. Ive never had this problem until a couple days ago.

i honestly don't know what happened to mine but it was only glitch
yesterday.(hint dot delete your account just yet and leave it alone for a
day and see what happens)

For me spotify has been like this for at least a month. Waiting hasn't helped me whatsoever and left me without my music for a while now.

When I try to open the web player it just goes blank. I tried to close out the tab, remove the protected content, and even log off. It worked yesterday but today it just goes blank. Is it happening to you guys? I got a screenshot of it

Screenshot 2018-05-15 at 8.29.01 AM.png

That is the exact same as what happens to me exept I haven't been able to fix it full stop.

Is this a new problem or what? I was experincing a glitch yesterday that said song not available but it's music from that Viva Latino playlist, Spotify has. But I'm seeing a guy beside me who has web player open and running. Is it just us?

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