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Download music from Spotify and play externally

Download music from Spotify and play externally



I wonder if I can download music from Spotify, save it as a common format (say *.wav or *.mp3) and play it externally on a device that can not run the Spotify app.


Example of use:

1. Download a song I like from Spotify 

2. Save it to HDD as (say) *.MP3

3. Copy it to a simple *.mp3 player

4. Play it on that *.mp3 player


Is that posibble ?


2 Replies



Unfortunately this isn't possible with Spotify as when you download Spotify content in your app it's stays within the app for streaming and is encoded so that the stream counts and checks to make sure your still a Premium user can happen.


All the best,

You can not convert a song you download from Spotify to MP3 or WAV or any other format. Because Spotify uses DRM protection on the music streams, which makes it unable to be decrypted. The only way you can download music from Spotify and play externally is to use a 3-rd party program - a Spotify to MP3 Converter or a Spotify Downloader.

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