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Downloaded music keeps getting erased

Downloaded music keeps getting erased

I pay for spotify premium but the music I download keeps getting erased, I'm not losing the music entirely but I have to keep downloading the music over and over again to get the offline capabilities and it's very frustrating considering it's a fairly large amount of music and I PAY for this app. Can anyone explain this? I can't imagine I'm the only one, I love Spotify but this is getting really old.

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We are having the same problem and now when I try to redownload the music we get a popup that says "Want to play offline?" Option is to click Got It or Dismiss when I click on either one it just disappears and takes me back to the playlist. However, the weird thing is this is only happening on 1 out of 4 of our family lines. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it is still happening. We are feeling very frustrated! 

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