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Dumbphone + Spotify

Dumbphone + Spotify

Hello all, I was hoping for a bit of guidance with my next phone purchase. 


Basically, it seems like I have no self control when it comes to my smart device. browsing, constantly checking emails, chatting, stupid games, reading dreadful news articles.. I've had enough of it, and I wish to downgrade from my smartphone to a dumbphone.


However, the only dealbreaker in this downgrade is Spotify. I simply must continue to have spotify, or my life will be worthless and empty. 


So, has anyone here had a similar downgrading experience, and found a relatively simple device that can also handle spotify? How was the transition? any performance issues with Spotify?


And I have heard of that little mini device 'Mighty', has anyone had experience with that guy? with no screen, it seems like it may be difficult to work with (particularly considering I almost exclusively listen to new music suggested through algorithms, so may be difficult to identify what I am listening to!). 


Thanks in advance everyone 🙂

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Spotify requires a lot of data streaming, and standard phones are usually not able to handle the speeds required. I don't think they even have an option to be used on those devices. 

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