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EDM songs are being added to my Release Radar playlists under other artists' names

EDM songs are being added to my Release Radar playlists under other artists' names

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Lately I've been getting a bunch of random EDM songs on my weekly Release Radar playlists and I never listen to EDM. They're being included because the people responsible for uploading these tracks have been registering the music under the names of popular indie artists that I listen to. In my case (see attached image), my most recent Release Radar included 6 tracks from 6 different imposter accounts posing as Foxygen, Pond, TV Girl, Drugdealer, levitation room, and Post Animal. These are all bands that have a strong following so I think these people posting the EDM tracks are piggybacking on their names to get their music onto auto-generated playlists that the real artists would normally be added to.


Beyond the fact that this music is a different genre altogether, it's obvious it doesn't belong to these real artists because when you "Go to Artist" you're brought to the imposter's page and only one song has been posted, making it clear that the account was just created. Also, you can search for the original artists and see that their real accounts list their entire discographies but don't include the new EDM tracks.


To try and combat this new issue, I've clicked on "Hide this Song" for all these tracks and chosen "I don't like this song" instead of "I don't like this artist" because if I choose the latter, I'm afraid I won't get any future releases from the real artists. I know there's a way for me to report an artist for inappropriate material or for an artist to file a copyright or trademark complaint, but there is no option available for listeners to report this situation.


Can you please erase these accounts and provide an easy way to report illegitimate duplicate artists so they can be weeded out quickly by listeners like me?


Thank you.


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Hey there,

I've passed this across to the teams behind the scenes for their action however
Each report is investigated on a case-by-case basis. Spotify are unable to respond directly to individual report's but will use their discretion and remove any content deemed inappropriate or considered a copyright claim/duplication.

Furthermore, I have passed your feedback regarding the reporting of this to the correct folks for consideration in the future.

Have an awesome weekend,

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