[ERROR] Web Player can't handle my nickname (probably every nicknames with '#')


[ERROR] Web Player can't handle my nickname (probably every nicknames with '#')

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I have nickname #[some numbers]. In the web player when I click on 'Liked Songs Profile' browser open not my profile page, but [somenumbers]. The hashtag is missing.


Also when I click  'Liked Songs', the page is opening but after I click play songs it doesn't work. Any of my songs from that list is unable to play.


The problem exists only in the 'Chrome' app, web Player website (tested on Safari and Chrome). On the phone (iOS) or Mac App, everything is ok. 


Anyone experience the same problem? Any solution?

I suppose the problem is correlated with some link handle algorithms. Probably some bug, programming mistake. I try to contact support, but after checking a problem they propose me to create a new account with another nickname.


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Hey @XY249


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this and apologies for the delayed reply.


Could you send us a link to your profile so we can take a look? You can do this by following these steps:


1. Open your profile in the Spotify app. 

2. Click on the three dots right under your name. 

3. Choose Share

5. Click on Copy Profile link and send it to us. 


In the meantime, if the hashtag symbol is in your display name, you could try changing it temporarily so you can check if this is what's causing the issue. You can find more info on how to do this here.


On another note, could you also send us a screenshot of how your Liked Songs look when you're unable to play any of them?


Keep us posted and let us know if you have any questions.

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Casual Listener

Hey @Elena


First of all, thanks for your reply.


Link to my profile:



The hashtag is in my user name and in display name. I change temporary my display name but this approach doesn't solve the issue.


When I click on any song or the play button in the 'liked songs' section the message shows up: 'This content is not available'. Also spinning wheel animation on the play button constantly running. Screens included. 



Hey @XY249,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


Just to confirm there's a correlation between the Liked Songs playback error you get while using the Web player and your username, have you already trying logging in to a different account while using the Web player to see if you experience the same?


It'd be great if you'd let us know how it goes. If the issue ends up being with the Web player on your browser(s), taking a look at this page and following the suggested steps (Not working?) might do the trick.


Hope you'll find this useful. Keep us posted 🙂



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