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ETA on Surface app?

ETA on Surface app?

It's been more than a year since the Surface tablets were released; I'm disappointed to not see a Spotify app in the app store.  Using the web player is a poor solution at best, and less than I expect from a 'Premium' service.


There are other streaming services with support for my devices.  I've mostly liked Spotify and prefer to stick with proven brands, but this and the weak winphone support is making me wonder why I'm paying you, not someone else.

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Hi, and welcome to the community!


Unfortunately Spotify never give out information about when or if they are going to release a client on a new platform.

However, there are ideas in the community for it which make Spotify aware of the request and it may be implemented if they get enough support.


Which surface do you use? - As feel free to add Kudos and comment on one or both of the following ideas to show your support! - Windows RT - Win8 Full


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While I'm disappointed to hear that, thank you for the prompt response.

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