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EU payment rules broken, payment with a EU creditcard

EU payment rules broken, payment with a EU creditcard

Dear Spotify, 

I am trying to pay for my premium in Spain via my Wise visa card located in Belgium, however you state that "Tu forma de pago y tu país no coinciden." Which means: "Your payment method and your country do not match."


Hence I cannot pay. I contacted your support and they state that I have to pay with a visa from the same country as I am in, however according to the EU law around pricing and payment that is not legal.  Please see: 

Hence please open up the option to pay with any credit card within the EU as this is in line with EU law. 

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Dear @spotify, please respond to this issue, as you are violating the EU payment law. 

Hi there @11126319294,


Thank your for reaching out to the Community and for your feedback. We can't discuss legal questions here. Please have a look here.

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Dear Jeremy, 

Thank you for reaching out to me, the response, however, is not sufficient. 


I have reread the Spotify terms and conditions and Spotify is still obligated to accept any VISA card from within the EU region. 


I have no "issues" or "Problems" with Spotify but a complication with payment as described above. I understand why Spotify has implemented this "process" as this ensures that Spotify can charge different rates for Premium in different Eu countries. As an example is Romania cheaper than Spain and Denmark most expensive. Hence, if Spotify followed the EU payment rules, customers would be able to choose one EU region with a low premium price and pay with their home country credit card. 

The issue is, however, that Spotify is subject to, as any other company within the EU zone, following the EU laws. Given that Spotify accepts Visa in Spain I should be able to, given the EU payment law, to pay with ANY Visa card issued within the EU region, this is not the case currently. 

please provide me with the option to pay with my Belgium credit card in spain or forward me to a team in within Spotify who can help me with this issue. 


It could be an infringement of PSD2. Who designed the payment feature didn't know that countries in the EU are part of the eurozone, which is considered the same region for all participants. Hence, my Italian cards have to accepted anywhere around Europe, regardless of each company's policies. After all, the country where my card was issued or the payment method I want to use should have no effect on the app localization/country-specific features enabled via geolocalization. And btw if they rely on an external processing system, they can just ask to change settings or parameterization of the payment product used to process these payments... virtually all modern payment systems have similar features that allow companies to flexibly set up parameters for accepting/rejecting payments. 

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