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Easy to use Spotify radio appliance?

Easy to use Spotify radio appliance?

I need a Spotify radio "appliance" that is independent and easy to use. Essentially, It needs to work like an old school radio. Turn it on and it plays. 5 or 6 "preset" buttons select between different Spotify channels or playlists that I have already configured. This needs to work without a smartphone or computer to control it after it's set up...the listener cannot operate these devices.  


Everything I see for Spotify Connect seems to require a phone or PC to control it. Are there any standalone devices?

2 Replies

Hello @JimBobble


There are not much devices like this. One that comes to mind is Mighty -

If your requirements allow wireless connection and voice control maybe try some smart assistant such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

There is also a list of all devices that support Spotify here. You can browse it to see if anything suits your needs.

Thank you for the quick reply. I hope that they will develop accessible features like these in the future.

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