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Echo Alexa Spotify Playlists don’t shuffle

Echo Alexa Spotify Playlists don’t shuffle

I’ve seen this asked lots but not seen any kind of answer anywhere. 


Ive just got an Echo dot and when streaming playlists from spotify it doesn’t shuffle properly. It only shuffles a small number of songs and artists. If you click an artist it starts shuffling another small selection that includes that. 


When is this bug going to be fixed? Why can’t it just shuffle a large playlist properly?


No cross fade is annoying but this is a dealbreaker and I’ll have to stop using it if it can’t be fixed. 




UK, echo dot, Spotify premium. 

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I am experiencing the same problem and have yet to find an answer anywhere. 

Been having the same problem recently and its very frustrating. Used to work fine. Never seems like anyone has a solution.

Just spent an hour chatting to Spotify tech support. Basically, they are saying they are trying to improve it and are aware there are issues. But the only advice they had was to use smaller playlists not exceeding 200 songs. They more or less said I was lucky I was playing large playlists successfully on any device, not just the echo. They couldn’t offer any explanation as to why shuffle worked fine on the phone and not on the echo I.e Spotify connect. 


I was really not happy with the service and the waste of an hour of my life. I’ve asked for a manager to contact me and if anything else useful comes out of it I will post here. 


I recommend that anyone having the problem contacts Spotify support directly because this is clearly a major bug as far as I’m concerned. 


If it isn’t, why isn’t there a cap on playlists or a recommendation not to make them too big?


If 100 people vote they have to do further investigation and they are on 99 on this! Go vote. 

Actually the bug is definitely known. That link takes you to this page


573 votes now and they have said they don’t know when it will be fixed. Looks like small playlists are the way forward until further notice but I would still recommend voting and complaining about it. Just don’t spend an hour with tech support 

I am having this problem also. I have a playlist of 3000+ songs, but when I get connected to the Echo dot and shuffle play that playlist, the Echo dot would only shuffle the first 50 or so song.

When I escalated my query, these are some of the comments I received back. So definitely engage with the posts that are there already and vote to get these changes implemented. Don't bother going through any troubleshooting though because it isn't going to fix this issue. You're just going to have a make a bunch of small playlists and use them instead for now.


"When launching a playlist to play over Spotify Connect, the information about the play-state, is sent and stored on the Spotify Connect device. Because of hardware limitations with certain devices, you can experience the issues you're describing with the play queue using a limited number of songs.

The size may vary from device to device. We would suggest that you make a playlist with 50-100 songs and try it out. If that is working better you can try to increase the size to see with which amount of tracks it is working best for you.


We can't at the moment comment on if or when this will changed, but we absolutely know that it's something a lot of our users care deeply about, and we're investigating internally if it can be updated.
If you think this is something other Spotify customers would think is a good idea, be sure to add it to our ideas board. Those who also support your idea can then vote on it or add to the conversation."

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