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Echo Dot Alexa always playing the same song

Echo Dot Alexa always playing the same song

Hi folks,

after a certain while Alexa on my Echo Dot Gen3 is only playing the exakt same song I last played on the Spotify mobile or desktop app. For example if on the spotify desktop app the current song is "Metallica - Nothing else matters" and I tell Alexa: "Alexa, play Madonna on spotify" , Alexa will say "Playing Madonna on Spotify". However what really happens is that the Metallica song is being played.. Regardless what I say to Alexa , it seems it cannot change the song on spotify.

After I disconnect and reconnect my account on the Alexa App on the phone it works like it should for a while, but then suddenly I have the same issue again.

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I'm having this same issue did you manage to fix it


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