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Embeded Playlist not working - Receiving an error - Sorry, couldn't find that

Embeded Playlist not working - Receiving an error - Sorry, couldn't find that

I'm on a Spotify Premium Subscription in the US.

I've embedded our Pickleball Playlist on the homepage of our site... and it has been displaying properly for months! All of a sudden it is no longer working. Instead, you see a "Sorry, couldn't find that." error.


Any ideas why this is happening or what we can do to fix it? Is it b/c there are over 1,000 songs on the playlist?!


Here's a link to the playlist I'm trying to embed:


Here's the embed code:

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>


Here's a screenshot of the homepage on our site... where you can see the playlist is no longer displaying...


Pickleballist  Coming Soon 2019-09-17 14-00-16.png


Does it have something to do with the title or description of my playlist? see below...

(again... remember I didn't make any significant changes to the playlist, other than adding more songs, and it just stopped showing.)



Pickleball Mix - Upbeat & Clean Eclectic Pop and Party Playlist | by:



This eclectic playlist is a massive compilation of clean, happy and positive upbeat party music. Most of these songs are modern and popular pop songs, laced with some great oldies. Great for your workouts, the pickleball or tennis courts, the gym, a backyard BBQ, park hangout, or even work parties!



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Hello @jordoday,


Thanks for getting in touch!


Interesting that you bring up the amount of 1,000 songs. Does it work better if you use less than 1,000 songs?


We'd also like to know if it helps to (temporarily) remove the link from the playlist description as it's not allowed to advertise within the Spotify app.


Lastly we'd like to know what happens if you test it using a different web-browser, and if you try a different playlist.


Hope it helps. Let us know how it goes.


Have a nice day.

I'm have the same problem, but mine was playing in chrome browser but not working in mobile browsers and safari and it says "THIS EPISODE PREVIEWS CLIP IS NOT AVAILABLE"

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