Episodes Joe Rogan removed

Episodes Joe Rogan removed


This post will probably be closed or deleted as seems normal these days.

Earlier this month (April, 2021) Spotify deleted over 40 episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience, most likely because guests in these shows made statements that aren't in line with what Spotify sees as truth.


Completely neglecting issues as freedom of speech or even new theories that haven't been proved yet. Some of these theories saved my life where modern medicine couldn't (as of yet). Yes it was a leap of faith for me. Other episodes where deleted because people made statements that are at least frowned upon. But even then, why does a tech company decide what we can and cannot listen to?


The freedoms our ancestors fought for are at stake here. More and more censorship is happening al over the world and thus the internet. Where does this stop? Where a few people decide what you can and can't listen, read or view.


I urge Spotify to make these episodes available again, perhaps with a little warning. Or an age cap or something else.


As for continuing listening or watching podcasts on Spotify, for me that ends until such a time exists where I can decide myself what to listen to and who to believe.


If Spotify actively deletes episodes of podcasts, it is plausible episodes get edited also. And this for a show that grew to this size for being open and uncut.



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I would like to add:
I know some of these episodes have offensive comments or jokes in them, but can't this be solved by:
1. A disclaimer before the show starts;
2. The Explicit Tag;
3. Beep the offensive text out?

Also, not all of these episodes hold value to me, but they might do to others.


Time we started cancelling out subscriptions if they going to censor Joe and attack freedom of speech.

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